It’s called SONGER and is available in the App Store!

Why did I make SONGER?

I’ve been troubled by ‘writer’s block’ recently, and it’s been another 2 years since my last release.  While discussing these woes with a friend of mine, she suggested that I forget about song-writing for the time-being and focus on another of my passions: programming.  Then, it hit me!  Could I find a solution to my ‘writer’s block’ through programming?  That’s how SONGER was born.

What is SONGER?

SONGER is a random, song idea generator.  It provides a tempo, key, some suggested chords, and a lyrical theme.  There’s a built-in metronome, chord player, random note melody maker, and lyricist with a bank of 100 phrases.  It won’t write a song for you, but it’ll give you just enough inspiration to get started.

Where can I get SONGER?

SONGER is available for iPhone/iPad in the App Store.

What does it look like?




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