Middle (Cover of Middle by DJ Snake and Bipolar Sunshine)

I released my rendition of ‘Middle’ by DJ Snake feat. Bipolar Sunshine this week (06/06/16) on YouTube and SoundCloud.

It’s the first song I’ve released in 2 years, so I feel relieved.  Recently, writing songs hasn’t been easy but, when I heard the original track this weekend, I knew that I had to try making my own version.  I began working on the track at 12 pm on Sunday and uploaded it to YouTube by 8 pm the following day, having not slept in between (actually, I stayed awake for 36 hours in total…) Feedback has been positive so far, though I’m hoping to spread the word further in the coming weeks.

Please have a listen to the track, and let me know what you think!  Again, it’s on YouTube and SoundCloud.  If you like it, I’d be very grateful should you share it 🙂


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