Ever needed a 4-piece band in a hurry? Jam2 is a pocket backing band with drums, bass, keys and percussion. Free, and no ads!

Jam2 gives you drums, bass, keys and percussion with over 120 patterns per instrument! All patterns have been manually programmed to give a true, musical feel.

Choose a key and tempo, and jam along! Move the yellow sliders to change an instrument’s pattern, or just hit the RND button to randomise all instrument patterns at once.

– high-quality WAV sounds
– 4 different instruments
– 120 melodic and rhythmic patterns per instrument
– all patterns programmed by a musician for a realistic feel
– automatic velocity/dynamic changes enhance the groove
– mute instruments by holding your finger on them
– supports all 12 keys, and major/minor modality
– choose a tempo from 60 – 130 by sliding your finger
– free, and no ads!

Become part of Jam2‘s development by suggesting any features you’d like to see!

Thanks for checking out Jam2!

Deploying to stores shortly!


Coming soon!

Do you ever feel you’ve had the same dream twice? It could be a recurring theme!

Discover what you dream about the most with DreamTheme.

I’ve finished developing my second app, DreamTheme!

DreamTheme is a dream journal that promotes self-analysis. It features a word-frequency analyser that will help you to identify recurrent themes in your dreams. Develop your own, personal dream dictionary by interpreting the dreams in which these recurring words appear. A search function lets you find old, forgotten dreams by keyword or date. When you’ve finished, you can lock the app with a 4-digit passcode to keep your journal secure.

Become involved in DreamTheme’s development by suggesting improvements or features you’d like to see. Receive all future updates for free.


– Journal to record your dreams
– Personal theme dictionary to develop your own theories
– Word frequency analyser to discover what you dream about most
– Date and keyword search function to find old dream accounts
– Passcode lock to keep your journal safe
– Free updates to all future versions

The app is currently under review and, hopefully, will appear in the App Store and Google Play soon.

SONGER Splash Screen

I made an app!

It’s called SONGER and is available in the App Store!

Why did I make SONGER?

I’ve been troubled by ‘writer’s block’ recently, and it’s been another 2 years since my last release.  While discussing these woes with a friend of mine, she suggested that I forget about song-writing for the time-being and focus on another of my passions: programming.  Then, it hit me!  Could I find a solution to my ‘writer’s block’ through programming?  That’s how SONGER was born.

What is SONGER?

SONGER is a random, song idea generator.  It provides a tempo, key, some suggested chords, and a lyrical theme.  There’s a built-in metronome, chord player, random note melody maker, and lyricist with a bank of 100 phrases.  It won’t write a song for you, but it’ll give you just enough inspiration to get started.

Where can I get SONGER?

SONGER is available for iPhone/iPad in the App Store.

What does it look like?




YAQUI.CO’s ‘Most Recent Obsessions’

A huge thank you to YAQUI.CO for sharing my rendition of ‘Middle’ by DJ Snake feat. Bipolar Sunshine 🙂

In the post, ‘My Most Recent Obsessions‘, YAQUI writes:

“I didn’t know who Adam Leaver was until he hit me up with this one on SoundCloud. I’m so happy he did. This is such a Q-Tip. We’re loving everything about it and think, that even if you’re fed up with the original, you’ll appreciate this one. Thanks Adam for giving us another go around in completely different ways of a track that won our hearts.”

Thanks again; I really appreciate the support 🙂

See their wonderful blog here.

Middle (Cover of Middle by DJ Snake and Bipolar Sunshine)

I released my rendition of ‘Middle’ by DJ Snake feat. Bipolar Sunshine this week (06/06/16) on YouTube and SoundCloud.

It’s the first song I’ve released in 2 years, so I feel relieved.  Recently, writing songs hasn’t been easy but, when I heard the original track this weekend, I knew that I had to try making my own version.  I began working on the track at 12 pm on Sunday and uploaded it to YouTube by 8 pm the following day, having not slept in between (actually, I stayed awake for 36 hours in total…) Feedback has been positive so far, though I’m hoping to spread the word further in the coming weeks.

Please have a listen to the track, and let me know what you think!  Again, it’s on YouTube and SoundCloud.  If you like it, I’d be very grateful should you share it 🙂